Residents pleased with resurfacing work close to Lurgan Park

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RESIDENTS of Lime Grove and Queen Street say they are delighted that work to resurface the lane way approaching the Lime Grove entrance to Lurgan Park, has been completed.

Bertie Dowey, a committee member of the residents’ group, said: “Everyone knows how passionate I am about Queen Street and the park. As soon as I contacted the Ulster Unionists about the state of the path, Colin McCusker was over straight away. His late father was held in very high regard by the people of Queen Street, in fact he opened our Orange Arch back in the 70s.

“I am really happy with the path now and how quickly it was sorted. I have a long list of things I want sorted, so now I know who to contact.

UUP Alderman Mrs Meta Crozier said: “I am in regular contact with the residents committee based in Queen Street, and I was aware that a section of the path remained unfinished for some time. As usual it was a piece of work that had fallen between to two stools, and I was delighted to be contacted last week to be told that at long last the work had been carried out. I live beside Lurgan Park, and I am well aware of the importance of good access points to the park, and now that this work is completed, this entry will be used more and more.

Councillor McCusker said: “Following a recent site meeting at the Lime Grove entrance it was very clear to me that something needed to be done to finish the laneway. The residents of Lime Grove and Queen Street are a very active community, and use the Park on a daily basis.”

The DUP insisted they played a part in getting the work carried out with Mayor of Craigavon, Councillor Carla Lockhart saying that she and her party colleague, Alderman StephenMoutray, are “hailing it as a success” and have thanked Roads Service.

Said Ms Lockhart: “Our campaign to have this resurfaced started in September/October of last year when we publically called via the Lurgan Mail for Roads Service to take action. Subsequent to this we have had several site meetings, and much correspondence in this regard.”