Residents take action over flats

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TAGHNEVAN residents are calling on the Housing Executive to tackle the antisocial problem at Dingwell Park flats.

A Facebook profile has been set up entitled Dingwell Park and on it residents of the Taghnevan area have discussed possible solutions to antisocial issues.

Several people suggested knocking the flats down while others called on the Housing Executive to take a tougher stance on problem tenants.

Many of the antisocial issues at Dingwell Park flats appear to centre on the consumption of alcohol and drugs. Several of the posts on the Facebook profile are about tenants who have got themselves into such states that they require the police and ambulance to be called.

One person posting on Facebook said: “It’s not the people from the area bringing the place down, it’s the scum they are putting into the flats. They are coming from everywhere to party there at the weekends with their scummy mates. The people in Taghnevan are sick of it and have tried to get things done.”

Another person posted: “The flats are a dumping ground for all the problem people. Have been for years. We need all the people of Taghnevan to stand up and say we’ve had enough. Housing Executive are a joke.”

Another said: “The back of my house faces them (Dingwell flats) and the things we saw in them flats was unreal. Fellows standing naked on their balconies when St Brendan’s Primary School was getting out.”

Dingwell Park posted on its own profile: “It’s good to see so many people joining us and that some of them are honest enough to say they live or lived in Dingwell and partied and also think the flats need knocked down.”

It’s understood residents held a meeting last Wednesday night during which a discussion took place about starting a petition to get the flats knocked down. They also vowed to keep the pressure on the Housing Executive to take action against antisocial tenants.

A Housing Executive spokesperson said: “There have been ongoing reports of anti social behaviour (ASB) within the Taghnevan area and the Housing Executive continues to work closely with the local community and the PSNI to resolve these problems.

“We treat this issue with the utmost seriousness and have a range of policies and procedures in place to deal with those who engage in it. We will not hesitate to take appropriate action against those responsible for anti-social behaviour, including eviction, if warranted. Indeed our local Lurgan Office is currently processing two ASB cases and recently recovered possession of a property where ASB was reported.

“It is only with the support of the local community that we can effectively address anti-social behaviour. We would ask anyone who has experienced or witnessed ASB to come forward and report it to the Housing Executive on 03448920900 or the PSNI on 3831 5355.

“However there remains a demand for this type of accommodation, and indeed these flats within Taghnevan and we currently have no plans to demolish these flats.”