Residents terrorised by criminals

Moyraverty Court. INLM18-214.
Moyraverty Court. INLM18-214.

MOYRAVERTY Court is in the grip of a crime spree that is causing residents to be prisoners in their own homes.

In the past few weeks cars have been stolen and burnt out, homes have been broken into, tyres have been slashed and there have been several oil and copper thefts.

As recently as this Tuesday the fire service were called to three separate fires in the space of an hour, the first of them at Moyraverty Court. Between 1.44pm and 2.12pm the fire service dealt with malicious fires at Moyraverty Court, Moyraverty Road and Moyraverty West Road. Each of the fires involved grass and rubbish being deliberately set alight.

The ‘MAIL’ spoke to the daughter of an elderly Moyraverty Court resident who said her mother is living in fear.

She said: “Given what’s happening here and the number of break-ins there’s been she thinks she’s going to be next.

“As a consequence she won’t leave the house. We’re worried about what’s happening in Moyraverty Court and worried about the effect it’s having on her.”

Another Moyraverty resident added: “This hasn’t happened over a two or three year period. This has been the last number of weeks.

He went on to list the criminal activity: “A car was taken from Moyraverty Court then burnt out at the shops.

“Oil was taken from an elderly resident who also had boards taken off his fence. Oil and copper and fencing is also being stolen from vacant properties.

“One morning we woke up to find they’d slashed car tyres. One car had four tyres slashed, one had three and two cars had two tyres slashed.

“One of the women who had her tyres slashed was just paying a visit. She said she’ll never have her car back here again.

“On top of all this a number of houses were broken into.”

He commented: “We’re going through a difficult time here. People are very fearful. I know of one woman who locks her door after tea and won’t answer it to anyone.”

While his main concern was with the level of criminality he was also disappointed the police had not shared details of the incidents with the media.

“What concerns us is that we’re not seeing any of this reported in the papers. It’s all being reported to police, but it’s not getting as far as the newspapers.

“These aren’t minor things. I can’t understand why the police aren’t informing people through the media what is happening like they do in other parts of Craigavon and in Lurgan.”

The ‘MAIL’ received reports of car tyres being slashed and a house being broken into at the nearby Dean’s Grange and also a press release about proactive patrols in Moyraverty resulting in a male being reported to the PPS for drugs offences and also a proactive joint operation with NIE to address illegal electricity abstraction.

A spokesperson said: “Police are proactive in tackling crime and issues of concern in the Moyraverty area. We do not routinely release a press appeal for every incident or crime that occurs. An appeal is issued when the investigating officer deems it necessary and appropriate.”

The fire service provided the ‘MAIL’ with details of Tuesday’s deliberate blazes.

Police said anybody with concerns about criminal behaviour should contact the PSNI on 0845 600 8000.

SDLP MLA Dolores Kelly said she would be campaigning for higher police presence in the area and her colleague Joe Nelson would be raising the issue at the next DPP meeting.