Results clear evidence of Dickson success

Lurgan College principal Trevor Robinson has said his school’s record-breaking A-Level results give “unequivocal” evidence of the success of the Dickson Plan.

College head Mr Robinson had previously accused Education Minister John O’Dowd of using inaccurate data to unfairly attack the school’s A-Level performance in 2012.

He said: “I have invited him and anyone else intent on wrecking the Dickson Plan to look at these results and think again.

“These outstanding results are surely unequivocal and objective evidence of the success of the tried and tested Dickson Plan which, for over 40 years, has furnished pupils with necessary skills to help them fulfil their true potential.

“The class of 2013 have put ‘the icing on the cake’ on what has been an outstanding year for the College after the ‘very good’ inspection ETI report in January and the clinching of the Ulster and All-Ireland Hockey titles in March.”

In terms of the school’s results supporting calls for the retention of the Dickon Plan, Mr Robinson said: “The results have provided the best possible response to the weak arguments of all those who would seek to destroy our system and replace it with an inferior model.

“I would invite Mr O’Dowd, the Minister of Education, the Board and officers of the SELB and anyone else who is minded to dismantle the Dickson Plan to examine these outstanding performances very carefully and then face up to the reality that results such as these provide irrefutable and factual proof that the system, in terms of objective outcomes, continues to deliver high quality educational experience and attainment.

“For the 12th year in a row, the Y14 pupils recorded an over 99.7% pass rate in all subjects offered at A-Level, which compares very favourably with the Northern Ireland Grammar School average pass rate of 98.2%. “

Mr Robinson said he was thrilled with the record-breaking 2013 A-Level results which are the “best ever recorded in Lurgan College’s illustrious 140 year history”.