Resurfacing of footbridge welcomed

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SINN Fein Councillor Tommy O’Connor has welcomed the news that the footbridge between Drumgor and Legahory is to be resurfaced before the end of the current financial year.

Praising Brownlow Neighbourhood Renewal for their input, Councillor O’Connor said: “The condition of the bridge has been allowed to deteriorate over a period of time. The surface is full of potholes, paint is flecking of the rails and the steps are covered with moss. Thankfully Brownlow Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership has again responded to the needs of the local community and supplied funding for the long overdue refurbishment of this footbridge.”

The Central Councillor pointed out that while the refurbishment is necessary and essential, “It is equally important that Road Services give a commitment to keep the bridge up to standard and do not allow it to revert back to its present condition.”