Road safety appeal

Fergal Lennon ABC Sinn Fein Councillor
Fergal Lennon ABC Sinn Fein Councillor

There’s been a call for a road safety assessment at the Old Portadown Road, Taghnevan in Lurgan.

Sinn Fein Councillor Fergal Lennon has called on Transport NI to assess the need for crossings and traffic calming measuresin the area.

He explained,“After meeting recently with a number of residents from the local area, they voiced their thoughts and concerns as to the safety of their children and other road users at Old Portadown Road.”

He went on, “With quite a lot of development within the area this is an extremely busy road used by both commuters from central Craigavon and local residents.

“There have been several incidents involving pedestrians, cyclists and motorists along this road which must be made safe. There is no doubting the obvious hazard or potential for lives to be lost.”

Concluding Cllr Lennon said, “Sinn Fein will continue to press for action to be taken to ensure the safety of all road users and residents.

“I ask Transport NI to act now before it’s too late.”