Roads Service criticised for refusing to erect crash barrier at accident black spot

The DUP has lambasted the ‘inactivity’ of Roads Service to address an accident black spot in Craigavon.

Upper Bann MLA Jonathan Buckley said the site on the Monbrief East Road and Old Court Manor has seen six crashes in 13 years.

MLA Jonathan Buckley at the home of a woman who has suffered six crashes in 13 years.

MLA Jonathan Buckley at the home of a woman who has suffered six crashes in 13 years.

“On behalf of the owner of one property, I contacted the Department of Infrastructure and requested an on site meeting and urgent action.

“It was extremely disappointing to receive a response from Road Service stating that they do not feel a site meeting is merited.” He also revealed they will not consider installing a crash barrier and that only a ‘Give Way’ road sign would be arranged at this location.

“This action is unacceptable. I feel that the track record of collisions at this site is more than enough to warrant further action. Over two months since the crash, the owner’s property is still badly damaged, the chevron sign has not been replaced and it is only a matter of time before an incident of this nature reoccurs.”

A Department for Infrastructure spokesperson said: “In order to better highlight the junction for road users approaching from the Sugar Island Rd, the Department has enhanced the existing Give Way signs, which will help reduce the risk of collisions at this location.

“The Department follows a process of assessment and prioritisation in order to ensure that the limited funding is directed at those sites most in need. This location was assessed in January 2018 for the provision of a vehicle restraint system to the boundary of 26 Old Court Manor and also for a collision remedial scheme at the adjacent Sugar Island Rd Junction to the Monbrief East Rd. The assessment did not meet the criteria for these interventions, which consider the number of collisions recorded in recent years.”