Roads Service say no need for extra signs in William St

No Left Turn
No Left Turn

Roads Service said the signage indicating no left turn at the top of William Street in Lurgan is adequate despite claims to the contrary.

A number of people have been cautioned or appeared in court having taken left at William Street into North Street.

Some locals told the Lurgan Mail they felt the signs at the top of William Street were inadequate and called for a ‘No Left Turn’ sign to be erected.

However a spokesperson for the Department of Regional Development Roads Service said the current signs were adequate.

“The geometry of the road at William Street/North Street is such that it is not suitable for vehicles to turn left.

“The sequencing of the traffic signals means that pedestrians crossing the top of North Street are facilitated when traffic is travelling straight on from William Street.

“A mandatory ‘ahead only’ sign is incorporated in the signals at this location.

“To further assist drivers an “AHEAD ONLY” and arrow road marking reinforce the existing signage for drivers.”