Roadworks cause bin ‘misery’ for residents

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RESIDENTS and binmen alike were taken by surprise by roadworks in Glenview Drive last week, however Road Service say both parties were notified of the disruption.

When the council bin lorry turned up to empty bins on Wednesday they were faced with roadworks which meant they couldn’t proceed. A similar situation occurred on Thursday morning meaning residents had neither their blue or brown bins emptied.

One resident told the ‘MAIL’: “The work started last Monday morning without warning. It’s been a major inconvenience getting cars in and out and then on Wednesday and Thursday the bin lorries couldn’t get up to empty the bins.

“It’s the full length of the road. Even if they’d given us notice we could have wheeled our bins down to the bottom to make life easier for the binmen, but there was no warning whatsoever.”

A Craigavon Council spokesperson said they had not received notification of the roadworks, but had been able to speak to the contractor and make special arrangements to have residents’ bins lifted on Thursday afternoon.

According to Roads Service they carried out the proper procedure concerning roadworks.

A spokesperson for DRD Roads Service said: “Roads Service notified the council about the forthcoming road closure. In addition, the contractor carried out a leaflet drop in the area.”