Rosalind’s trip is ‘humbling’

Rosalind lends at hand at the feeding project. INLM3212-303con
Rosalind lends at hand at the feeding project. INLM3212-303con
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ROSALIND McKinley has returned from a ‘humbling’ trip to Guatemala.

The Lurgan woman visited the country along with the Adopt-A-Child programme through which she sponsors two children - Maria and Edwin.

Rosalind with her second family in Guatamala. INLM3212-301con

Rosalind with her second family in Guatamala. INLM3212-301con

It’s the second time she’s visited her sponsored children and she came back with a story to tell.

She said: “It just was unbelievable - seeing how much they’d grown and how well they were doing.

“It was Maria I saw first. She’ll be eight in September. That was the second day of the trip.

“Maria’s mummy came up to me first. She recognised me from the last time.

Taking shelter in Guatamala. INLM3212-302con

Taking shelter in Guatamala. INLM3212-302con

“With the money I had given her before she was able to get to a doctor to get better. She was so much more healthy.”

She added: “They live away up in the mountains. The feeding programme means they have somewhere they can go to get food.

“They can get food but most importantly they get Bible classes and the mummy came to the Lord while we were there.

“That was the most fantastic thing about the visit. The family now go to a church.

“They came to be fed and are now being fed with the gospel.”

Rosalind continued: “We got to visit Edwin at his home. It wasn’t a home like we have in Northern Ireland. Just four walls, but they were happy just to have that. We were made to feel very welcome.”

She added: “We must have spent nearly two hours there because nobody wanted the visit to end.

“Edwin couldn’t stop hugging me. I was sad to leave them again.

“His dad works seven days a week from seven in the morning until eight at night. They have 40 dollars a month for food and clothing for three children and two adults.”

Rosalind added: “It will take me a while to save up again but I’ll be going back. There’s so much more work to be done.

“I didn’t think I would be back, but this trip was even more amazing than the first time.

“The blessings that these people have given me are far more than I can give them. They have changed my life forever.

“It doesn’t matter how much money you have, these people are proof that salvation is free.”

Rosalind said she was very willing to speak about her experiences in public and anyone willing to have her as a guest speaker should contact her via Facebook.

She concluded: “God is using me as a vessel. That’s what Adopt-A-Child is about - changing the world one child at a time.

“For a few pounds that you would spend in a shop in one go can make such a difference to their lives.”