Royal Wedding fun for residents at care home

Heather Trouton and Jason Ward as the bride and groom.
Heather Trouton and Jason Ward as the bride and groom.

The week leading up to the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry to Miss Meghan Markle probably had about the same level of excitement at Sandringham Care Home as it had in Windsor.

The management and staff at the Gilford Road care home wanted to do something memorable to mark the special occasion.

Queen Elizabeth - played so elegantly by the Care Homes Manager Tracey Palmer.

Queen Elizabeth - played so elegantly by the Care Homes Manager Tracey Palmer.

It was decided they would have their very own Royal Wedding starring relatives, residents and staff.

Everyone got on board and embraced the whole wedding theme, from cake baking to having their very own stag and hen parties.

A script was written, wedding music selected and the 20 strong cast kitted out in their finest wedding attire.

Every resident was given a personal invite to the Big Day which was held at the care home on Thursday 19th May just two days ahead of the real wedding.

The invitation specified that all guests should dress appropriately and that’s exactly what happened.

The men had their best shirts and ties on and the ladies of the care home showcased some of the finest hats and fascinators in the country.

Due to the number of residents and guests invited the production had to take place twice, the first sitting was 11am and the second at 2:30pm.

The front foyer of the care home was dressed out with white linen and adorned with fairy lights and flickering candles to help create the romantic wedding atmosphere.

Guests arrived to a pre wedding musical ensemble in a timely manner after breakfast and lunch and packed out the venue on both occasions.

The groom (played by Kitchen Assistant Jason Ward) stood at the altar waiting for the entrance of his beautiful bride (played so elegantly by Heather Trouton Catering Manager).

First to enter Sandringham’s make-believe palace was the Archbishop and his assistant, played by a resident and a Senior Carer Nicola Richardson.

The pair entered to the sound of church bells.

Closely following were members of the Royal Family including Prince William and Kate (played by Domestic Assistant Sharon Donaldson and the Care Homes Administrator; Sandra Pereira),

Then came Prince Charles and Camilla (played by relative Robert Wallace and Senior Carer Katherine McKord), Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth (played so elegantly by the Care Homes Manager Tracey Palmer) and her husband Prince Philip (played by the Maintenance Man David Bow).

Once the members of the Royal Family entered guests were invited to stand to welcome the bridal party.

Bridesmaids and bride entered to a traditional rendition of ‘Here comes the Bride’, Bridesmaids (played by two staff nurses Rochelle Agojo and Smitha Thomas) followed by the beautiful bride and her father (played by Sandringham’s Heather Trouton and a resident respectively). The bride wore a beautiful dress that was worn by the Home Manager Tracey on her Wedding Day over 20 years ago.

The ceremony took place and residents and relatives cheered as the happy couple were declared as husband and wife, but just like at any other wedding they had the cutting of the cake, a first dance and a bridal party dance like you have never seen before. The cast seated themselves up the aisle of the floor for a showcase of Rock the Boat.

A champagne toast took place and the wedding finished off with a sing-along and disco,T

The bride and groom set off on honeymoon to who knows where, whilst the party carried on at Sandringham with everyone singing, New York, New York and Congratulations!

A fantastic time was had by everyone in attendance.