Rugby club cries foul over dog mess on their pitch

Irresponsible dog owners have been 'put in the sin bin' at Lurgan Rugby and Cricket Club.

Monday, 12th November 2018, 11:08 am
Updated Monday, 12th November 2018, 1:48 pm
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The club has banned dog walkers from the ground after a player ended up a lot dirtier than he bargained for - after landing in dog mess.

Grounds staff are crying foul over the problem.

Club veteran Kyle Geddis took to social media to get across his point: “Due to the amount of disrespect shown to our grounds by dog walkers in recent days all dogs are now banned from exercising on our facilities.

“Ruined by a few that don’t lift for the most that do.

”A player today was covered and it was close to his eye.”

It wasn’t long before Kyle’s post had other poster ‘lining out’ behind the proposal.

One poster said: “Dogs are now banned from Lurgan Rugby Club.

“Blame the thoughtless selfish idiots who don’t scoop the poop and please the health and eyesight of children and adults at risk.”

A club member stated club member stated as “a responsible dog owner of two large dogs who leave mountains behind which I always scoop. But if we can’t identify and shame offenders then there may be no alternative.”

On the other side of the argument it was pointed out: “It’s not fair to ban all dog walkers for the minority that can’t pick up after their dogs although I can see your point, we bring our wee dog up and you literally have to watch every step the pitch is covered! Absolutely disgusting.”

Another said: “Likely it’s few spoiling it for the many but it’s a rugby club not a dog walking club, and if dog mess in wounds results in an infection or even an amputation (cases of this exist) then it’s the right decision, especially when 100s of kids train and play there as well as the seniors.”

It’s not an uncommon problem. The pitches in Lurgan Park have long been a favoured spot for dog walkers, and again while the majority appear to be responsible and picking up after their pooches there are a few who have turned the area into a pooh minefield.

For players it adds an extra level of ‘danger’ to the sliding tackle but even dog walkers are having to watch their step.

One regular walker there said: “You really do have to watch your step on the pitches. Some people really are so thoughtless when it comes to picking up after their dogs, or should I say not picking up.

“It gives all dog walkers a bad name and is so unnecessary as the council not only provide plenty of bins to dispose of the waste but also free poop bags.”