Schools may close as strike hits town

MANY of the town’s schools could close next week after teaching unions declared their intention to join co-ordinated strike action on November 30.

Buses, trains and other public services across Craigavon are also set to be disrupted during the 24-hour walk out in protest at proposed pension changes and austerity measures.

Roger Clifford, president of Craigavon Trades Council, said there was “overwhelming support” for the industrial action.

“Craigavon Trades Council is fully behind the strike on November 30,” said Mr Clifford.

“The overwhelming ‘yes’ vote obtained by more than 20 different unions shows the strength of feeling among working people.”

He continued: “Although this is often dubbed as ‘the pensions strike’, it is about much more than a single issue.

“Unions have recognised that the austerity measures imposed by Westminster have been too readily accepted and implemented by our local politicians.

“It is widely accepted these measures will have a devastating effect on all but the most wealthy in our society.

“John O’Dowd himself described the situation in education as ‘bleak’.

“It is also a fact that women, the disabled and people with special educational needs will experience a disproportionate level of hardship.

“That is why Craigavon Trades Council urges all workers to make this day of action send a clear message that ordinary people are not going to pay for a problem not of their making.”

The Trades Council have organised a short gathering at the Carngrove Hotel at 11am on Wednesday, November 30.

Warm refreshments will be available for those on picket lines and transportation arranged for anyone wishing to attend the rally in Belfast.