Seamus ‘died of a broken heart’

Seamus O'Hagan
Seamus O'Hagan

St Paul’s Church in Lurgan was packed yesterday as hundreds arrived to pay tribute to the late Seamus O’Hagan.

Tributes have been flooding in for Seamus, or Seamy has he was better known, since his sudden death last Friday.

Seamy had been a barman and an institution at Lurgan Golf Club for more than 20 years.

It is understood he had suffered a heart attack at his home in Taghnevan.

Seamus, who was aged 65, was predeceased by his wife of 40 years, Ann, who died just 17 months ago.

His sisters Fiona and Eilish said: “When Ann died, he lost the will to live. He died of a broken heart.”

His wee dog Cindy died just three months ago.

“His previous dog they had a lifetime and him and Ann would have walked the legs off it. It just knocked the heart out of him,” said his sisters.

So popular was Seamus, Lurgan Golf Club issued a special statement on their website which was seen by around 30,000 people with comments from Lurgan and all over the world.

A spokesperson for the Club said: “Seamus or ‘Seamy’ as he was known in the club was very popular. He knew how to handle members in a unique style. He often went over and above the call of duty by taking photos for many years at presentation nights and functions. Over the years kids grew up on his famous ‘Seamy Specials’ a soft drink that he made for them in the bar. He is the only person to ever have a drink named after him. Even though he retired last year kids still come in and ask for a ‘Seamy Special’. He was also renowned for slipping off for a wee quick sneaky smoke even though the bar could have been packed! It was something that members accepted and just had to wait on him returning.

“Seamy always enjoyed Captain’s Day each year as he took control of the customary outside beer tent where his generosity was greatly welcomed by members on that day. Seamus without doubt gained ‘legendary’ status within Lurgan Golf Club. He was well known for his helpfulness and attention to members particularly the lady members on Tuesdays as he kept the kettle on constant boil for numerous cups of tea and coffee.

“Sadly Seamus lost his wife Ann, who died suddenly just over a year ago. Many have said he never got over her sudden death and he was truly broken hearted.”

The son of Tommy and Madge O’Hagan, Seamus originally came from Brown St, the second of seven children. He was the only boy.

“He was the biggest spoofer that ever was. He would have kept the nation going and he just loved to keep me going,” said his sister Eilish. “He was always looking to make money so my dad made him a cart with a couple of wheels on it. He kept all the women in the country in sticks. He kept them all in wee bundles and sold them every Friday night for five pence a bundle. That’s where the got his entrepreneurial skills.”

Seamus went to St Peter’s Primary School and St Paul’s. He left school and his first job was with the Windsor Laundry in Lurgan. Later he joined the Pinehurst factory in Kitchen Hill (known as the nylon factory) before joining the staff at Lurgan Golf Club.

“He could have charmed the birds from the trees,” said his other sister Fiona.

Seamus’ sisters spoke of his passion for the Republic of Ireland football team and how he had travelled extensively to see his team play. He was a member of the Derryhirk Republic of Ireland Soccer Supporters Club. He was also an honourary member of Clan na Gael and received his lifetime membership card just three weeks ago.

Seamy was a regular contributor to the ‘MAIL’ and was an always welcome visitor to our office.

Requieum Mass for Seamus O’Hagan took place at 10am at St Paul’s Church in Lurgan on Thursday May 28.

Seamus is survived by his sisters Josie, Eilish, Ursula, Barbara, Joanne and Fiona, his brothers-in-law, nephews and neices and family circle.