‘Sectarian attack’ on car condemned by PUP spokesman

Aaron Dowey.
Aaron Dowey.

The local branch of the PUP have hit out at what they described as a sectarian attack on a car at Mark Street.

Party spokesman Aaron Dowey: ”Shortly after 12.30am in the early hours of Tuesday morning (March 24) the PUP received a phone call from a frightened resident in the Mark Street area who has been subject to sustained sectarian abuse.

“This time the victim had a bottle smashed on their car, though thankfully not causing too much damage. The PSNI attended the scene shortly after.

Mr Dowey said, “The sectarian hatred being shown towards the victim is not an isolated incident.

“These attacks and the harassment have been ongoing from around July on a regular basis.”

He continued, “It is unhealthy for people to be living in fear.

“We will be working with both the PSNI and housing authorities to ensure these residents can live freely without sectarianism being shown from their republican neighbours”.

He concluded, “It is about time so called leadership within republican communities showed leadership and stood up against sectarianism.

“Only then will we be able to believe they are serious about the shared future they claim to be committed to.”