Security advice from police


Police have issued a security warning following what they described as an increase in break-ins at local community/education facility premises.

A spokesman said: “If you are in any way involved in a local school, community centre, hall or community service provision, please have a fresh look and think about your crime prevention measures in place.

“Start by standing back and having a good look at the outside of your building. How or where would a burglar get in? Is there anything on site that would actually help them? Try to make your premises as secure as possible over the weekend or when not in use.

“Neighbours please keep an eye on these buildings and anyone or any vehicles there after hours that you’re not happy about, always, report it to police.

“We remain committed to tackling burglary and working with the community in the Craigavon area.

“Please do your best to look after your halls, schools and centres.

“When they are broken into it’s not just a building - a victimless crime, your community is the victim.”