Segway tours get green light

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TOURS around Craigavon Lakes on a Segway have been given the green light by the council.

A new company called Segway NI, based in Portadown, approached Craigavon council with a proposal to pay a rental fee for the use of the paths around the City Park Lake.

The proposal was to permit the company to use the paths to carry out tours of the lake on Segway balance riders. Segway NI intended to market and sell the tours in local supermarkets and other outlets across NI.

This unique venture had the potential to increase tourism in the Borough and the company had agreed to promote

council facilities to all users of the tours.

The proposal would be to start the tour at the Watersports Centre and take users on a one hour tour

around the Balancing Lakes.

Segway NI is the only company in Northern Ireland offering this service at present.

There was the potential for an income for the council of approximately £1,200 to £1,400 per year for 10 months’ use.

Council staff had tested the balance riders and the contract would be subject to health and safety checks being completed and adequate insurance.

Craigavon would be the first council to embark on a contract with Segway NI.

Councillors were told the balance riders could only reach 10 miles per hour, which would potentially be a lot slower than some of the cyclists using the parks. The company would be charging £20 per person for a one hour session.

It was agreed that permission be granted to set aside the council bye-laws to permit Segway NI to trade and carry out tours on location at the City Park and the council enters into a one year contract with Segway NI and accepts the proposed offer of rental income,