SELB claims campaign for Option B is ‘orchestrated’

Lurgan College.
Lurgan College.

“There is clear evidence of orchestrated support for Option B,” the SELB has claimed following criticism of its decision to opt for Option A.

The board said some of this support is based on ‘scaremongering’.

In a statement it said Option A is supported by five of the seven schools in the Dickson Plan and is aimed to secure the plan’s future.

“Although the SELB has received numerous expressions of support for Option B, the board remains wholly unconvinced that this alternative is capable of attracting the very significant capital funding needed in order to progress it,”

“Contrary to the simplistic claims of those opposing Option A, high quality academic education will still be available in both towns through the selective (grammar) element of the bilateral Lurgan and Portadown Colleges if Option A is implemented.

“No-one voted for Option B as no member put forward Option B as a proposal.”