Sentence deferred on charge of assaulting his former partner


A 26 year old man will be sentenced next year at Craigavon Magistrates Court for a series of offences.

Stephen Thomas John Hughes, Altmore Gardens, Newry, last Friday pleaded guilty to a number of offences.

They included unlawfuklly assaulting a female on July 30 and damaging a front door of her property.

He also admitted possession of an air rifle without a firearm certificate, receiving stolen laptops belonging to St Anthony’s Primary School and two charges of possession of class C drugs, Phenazeoam and Methandrostenolone on November 15 last year.

A breach of a non molestation order at Clanrolla Park in Craigavon on August 24 was also admitted.

Mr Conor Downey, representing the defendant, said Hughes had recently received a two and a half year probation order in the Craigavon Crown Court.

The court heard that on August 24 Hughes had gone to an address in Craigavon in breach of a non molestation order.

District Judge, Mr Mervyn Bates, asked if Hughes had attempted to get into the house.

Mr Downey said the defendant had been the victim of a serious assault and he had gone to his former partner’s house for assistance.

On July 30 police went to the scene of a domestic incident.

The defendant had assaulted the injured party and there was a swelling to her forehead. She was three months pregnant at the time. There was damage to the front door.

Mr Downey said this was a very serious matter but there had been no more incidents and the defendant’s focus now was to help her in the final stages of her pregnancy. They couple were now reconciled to a degree.

District Judge Bates said that he was bending overbackwars in this matter because of the Crown Court sentence.

For the breach of the non molestation order District Judge Bates imposed a two month custodial sentence but suspended it for one year.

Sentence in the other cases were deferred until February 28.

The judge also asked for an updated probation report for that date.

He warned Hughes that if the period of deferment had no effect he was thinking of sending him to prison for eight months.