Serious poverty in Uganda inspires Molly to return

Molly Bibb in Uganda
Molly Bibb in Uganda
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A trip to Uganda has inspired a Lurgan girl to return and teach some of the most impoverished children at a rural primary school.

Molly Bibb, a niece of murdered local man Andrew Lorimer, said she has never forgotten the serious poverty while on a trip three years ago to Jandira in Uganda.

Molly Bibb in Uganda

Molly Bibb in Uganda

Molly went with the Elim Church for two weeks last year. “My last trip inspired me as I really got my eyes open to poverty and how much we take for granted here. Those people have nothing, no shoes, no cold clean water to drink, and very little medical care.

“For me it was a big life lesson as when I was thirsty I hadn’t a cold fridge to grab a drink of water, or a bag of crisps to lift. I sponsor a little girl called Hafuwa at the moment. I feel that we as a community have so much to offer in places of poverty and I want to feel like I’ve made a difference no matter how big or small.

“I will never forget the expression on the children’s faces when you just give them your attention or hand then a sweet, even though they have nothing they share everything, from a simple colouring pen to a biscuit. I look at the things sitting in my house and the gifts we receive at Christmas and feel guilty, I constantly feel unfulfilled as I know I could be doing so much more and this is my chance.”

Molly, who is 19 and a former pupil of Dickson PS and Brownlow Integrated College, has been writing to local businesses for support and is hoping to raise the £2,200 to take her out to Uganda to carry on her work.

Currently working as an outdoor activities instructor at Todds Leap, she is planning to travel to Jinja in Uganda for three months in September.

She is travelling with Volunteer Uganda based in England and plans to teach in a rural primary school, educating the local community on HIV and AIDS and helping in any way she can. “There are many things I would like to achieve on my trip like helping with local orphanages, and there are many different projects that I need 
fundraising for. The more money I raise the more I can achieve.

“Any help no matter how big or small will be greatly appreciated,” said Molly.

You can contact Molly via email on or call her 0793 812 3618.