Seriously ill Finn (10) says ‘Thank You’ to all who subscribed to vlog page

Finn Clancy
Finn Clancy

Finn Clancy (10 is leaving Great Ormond’s Street hospital today for palliative care but wanted to thank everyone for subscribing to his video channel.

The little boy, whose dad Oisin is from Portadown, has reached beyond his target of 1000 subscribers and he wanted to thank everyone who joined up.

Oisin said his young son was more thrilled about getting so many people signed up than getting home from hospital.

Finn, who has been battling cancer in his spine and pelvis, has kept a ‘jolly’ temperament despite rigorous chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment.

He had received some radiotherapy to ease a tumour behind his eye last week and is now in palliative care.

“His condition has deteriorated recently,” he said.

Finn working on his YouTube channel with the Storm Troopers

Finn working on his YouTube channel with the Storm Troopers

“They have sorted out his pain medication and it seems to be working properly now but the doctors say they can’t so anything more for him,” said Oisin.

So today Finn is going home to Leigh-on-Sea.

“He couldn’t have had better care in Great Ormond’s Street but now we are taking one day at a time,” he added.

Throughout his therapy the youngster has immersed himself in his own YouTube channel updating it with regular podcasts.

Finn Clancy

Finn Clancy

His dad said that his ambition was to be a vlogger when he grew up and issued a public call for as many people as possible to subscribe to the boy’s YouTube channel.

Finn has been thrilled at the huge response, especially from Oisin’s home town of Portadown and Co Armagh.

“He was more excited about getting so many new subscribers and getting out of hospital and he hates hospital,” said Oisin.

Metastatic rhabdomyosarcoma affects fewer than 60 children in the UK each year - and Finn’s was stage 4.

Oisin Clancy with his young son Finn

Oisin Clancy with his young son Finn

For Finn’s dad Oisin, whose late father Brendan was a well known teacher and school principal in Maghery, it has been a heartbreaking time.

“Finn has had to deal with many difficult challenges such as his phobia of needles and anaesthesia, extreme nausea, loss of weight, constant lethargy, loss of mobility and bodily functions, loss of his hair, in addition to managing extreme pain on a daily basis.

“During all of the time Finn was sick he kept himself positive by starting a YouTube channel called Finn the Phoenix fired up.

“This has been a great medium for him to express himself. I think it is a reflection of his positivity that he has chosen a phoenix as his username and logo.

“He also recently told me that he thinks that life is a dream and when you die, you just wake up... very profound for his age.”

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