Seven page record built up in time here

Craigavon Courthouse
Craigavon Courthouse

The judge at Craigavon Magistrates Court last Wednesday asked that a matter should be referred to the Borders Agency when she sentenced a 31-year-old man to a term in prison.

“He has built up a seven page record during his time in Northern Ireland,” said District Judge, Mrs Bernie Kelly.

Before the court was Vitor Hugo De Oliveira, Churchill Park, Portadown.

He admitted stealing meat and cheese worth £2.56 from Tesco on September 18 last year and was sentenced to three months in prison.

He also stole meat products worth £82.97 from Sainsbury’s on July 27 and on the same date unlawful possession of cannabis and stealing meat and fish worth £18.92 from Tescos.

For these offences he was given a total of six months in custody.

De Oliveira also pleaded guilty to the theft of four bottles of washing up liquid worth £29.96 from Home Bargains in Portadown on August 28.

He was given a three month custodial sentence for this charge.

All the terms of imprisonment are to run consecutively, making a total sentence of 12 months.

A barrister representing the defendant said he knew the court was going to take a dim view of these offences.

He added that his client was now in a much better place and was not in breach of any suspended sentence.

Judge Kelly asked that the matter should be referred to the Borders Agency.

She said there had been attempts in the past to rehabilitate the defendant but they had failed.

“You think its okay to do drugs and steal to fund your lifestyle,” she told De Oliveira.

The judge added that these were serious offences and along with his previous record there was only one penalty she could impose.

Later in the court bail was set at £500 for the defendant to appeal against the sentences but he was not released pending appeal.