Sexting photo posted by PSNI Craigavon goes global

A PSNI Craigavon post highlighting the dangers of sexting has gone global within hours of posting on Facebook.

Tuesday, 30th August 2016, 11:36 am
Updated Tuesday, 30th August 2016, 12:41 pm
A photo of a PSNI Craigavon officer's sunburnt feet

In a social experiment a photo of one of the local constable’s sunburt feet was posted on the social media site.

And within 17 hrs it had been shared 1,444 times and reached countries across the globe.

Last night PSNI Craigavon had issued a warning of the dangers of sexting - posting ‘dirty pics’ online.

In a post they said: “Following on from our sexting post yesterday, we want to show just how far one seemingly nothingless picture can spread in a short space of time.

“Here’s about as close to a nude pic of me that you’ll get- my sun burnt feet whilst parasailing on holiday this summer,” said a local cop.

“Please, share this far and wide. We’ll see how far it goes in a week. Tag people from across the globe too- that replicates the reality of what can happen to anything online.

“Teenagers- watch, learn, and be terrified...or just watch, learn, and NEVER send or post something you might want to take back,” said the post.

And within half an hour the PSNI Craigavon had an avalanche of responses.

They said: “Well after just over half an hour we had hit several counties in England, Greece, Canada, USA, Australia... even (and this one shocked me) Enniskillen!!

“This is only the beginning too. Teachers/ parents / youth workers: please, watch this develop and feel free to use it as a teaching tool.”

Indeed within 17 hours the post had shares in numerous US states, north Scotland, southern England, New Zealand, even Strabane and Enniskillen.

The post had been like by well over 1,000 people and shared 1,444 times in countries all over the world including Peru and Namibia.