Shankill Parish moves offices

SHANKILL Parish has relocated offices from the Jethro Centre to the recently vacated Parochial Hall in the town centre.

The move, which happened on February 1, comes after PAKT, who had been paying the church to use the Parochial Hall, announced its intention to leave the Church Walk premises.

A proposal was agreed by the Select Vestry at Shankill Parish that the church relocate its office from the Jethro Centre in Flush Place to the Parochial Hall - a move which would give the church an increased presence in the town centre and would solve the problem of having a vacant property on its hands.

Two largely adult groups who Shankill Parish had been subsidising in the Jethro Centre were also approached to move into the Parochial Hall.

One of the groups took the opportunity to use the Church Place premises free of charge while the other group declined the offer and have continued to use the Jethro Centre as paying customers.

Shankill Parish’s new office can be contacted by calling 3834 2969.