Sharks and skiing on menu for Scouts

1st Lurgan Scout group at their annual camp.
1st Lurgan Scout group at their annual camp.
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1st Lurgan Scouts spent this year’s annual camp at Culzean Castle Estate, near Ayr in Scotland.

Activities included three trips to Turnberry beach for more fun and games. On one of the trips they encountered a basking shark about 10 metres from where they were swimming as the west coast of Scotland morphed into a tropical paradise.

The Explorers got the chance to go mackerel fishing, with a great haul being pulled aboard. Nature lovers that they are, the boys returned their catch to the sea unharmed, and settled for fish and chips later on instead.

The boys also had a chance to tour Culzean Castle itself. The impressive collection of pistols and swords, plus searching for the Lego man hidden in each room kept almost everyone interested.

Day trips included Xscape in Glasgow and M&D’s Themepark in Motherwell which offered coffee and peace and quiet for the leaders, and rollercoasters and candyfloss for the boys.

At Xscape, as well as the high ropes course, the boys got a taster session on the ski slope. Cool air and real snow were a welcome change from the intense heat. It was clear some practice would be required before getting to the level of resident Olympian Jonny Lyness, but everyone enjoyed themselves.

On Friday the boys visited Ayr and spent the last of their pocket money. Such local delicacies as the Haggis Supper and Pizza Crunch were sampled.

Jake Cairns pipped Neil Trotter’s Scouts in the Patrol competition while Jack Allen claimed victory over Josh Lyness’s Explorers. The final campfire was complemented by a tribute to rock group Queen, courtesy of Jonny.