Shooting condemned by local politicians

Army Technical Officers assist police during this week's security alert
Army Technical Officers assist police during this week's security alert

Shooting at the PSNI was a clear attempt to murder police officers, says Deputy Lord Mayor Catherine Seeley.

The Sinn Féin councillor united with politicians across the spectrum to condemn Sunday’s rioting and violence.

Catherine Seeley green.jpg

Catherine Seeley green.jpg

“Thankfully no one was injured. Those responsible for this attack and organising and co-ordinating this rioting have nothing to offer the community. Local people and commuters are fed up with these incidents which serve absolutely no purpose except to disrupt lives and services.

“Recently this activity has disrupted people on their way to work, when preparing their children for school, local doctors’ services have been affected, as has Home Help and other medical services in the area. Those behind these attacks have no political vision or strategy. It is completely and utterly futile.

“It is important to point out that this does not reflect the views of the community of the north Lurgan area most of whom, I am sure, would strongly agree that those responsible should stop immediately and allow the community to live in peace.”

Lord Mayor of Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon, Councillor Darryn Causby said he was ‘completely aghast at the blatant disregard these people have for our police’.

“I know this is not the will of the local people and it is disgraceful that a small minority are able to wreak such carnage on our town.

SDLP Upper Bann MLA Dolores Kelly said: “Every time this happens we must denounce in the strongest terms the utter idiocy and recklessness of those responsible.

“People like this, who feel they can only express their beliefs by threatening and terrifying their neighbours pose a significant danger to our community. They must be told repeatedly that their actions, no matter how they try to justify them, are completely unacceptable.”

Upper Bann MP David Simpson has hit out at those responsible for continuing disruption to rail services following a series of incidents in Lurgan over the weekend.

Mr Simpson said, ‘The kind of violence witnessed over the weekend was absolutely disgraceful. Those who engage in terrorism and violence today are merely emulating those who attempted to use such failed tactics in the past.”

Local Councillor Carla Lockhart added: “The vast majority of people in Lurgan simply want to get on with their daily lives instead of facing such disruption and violence. It is vital that the police are assisted in their efforts to bring those responsible to justice. Anyone involved in firing gunshots at the police clearly has no regard for life or limb and were obviously intent on murder.

TUV Upper Bann Assembly candidate Roy Ferguson said: “The scale of disorder – with more than 100 petrol bombs being thrown at police – is deeply worrying and reveals the difficulty which there is with outright lawlessness in Republican parts of Lurgan.”