Shot fired at police in Drumbeg

The entrance to Drumbeg.
The entrance to Drumbeg.

THE PSNI has confirmed they are investigating a shooting after the Continuity IRA claimed to have fired at police in Craigavon.

Police confirmed they are investigating an incident in which a shot was fired at them last Friday. However details of the incident have only been released now.

The incident is not far from where Constable Stephen Carroll was murdered in March 2009 as he responded to a 999 call in Lismore Manor. The Continuity IRA claimed responsiblity at that time.

In a statement, the CIRA claimed a man out walking his dog saw “two people acting suspiciously” on waste ground near Drumbeg.

The terror group said they went to investigate and claimed to have spotted members of the security forces who they said were “setting up an observation post” in a ditch over looking the estate.

CIRA said they split into two groups and approached the ‘now dug-in soldiers’.

The paramilitary group claimed one of the pair fled while another struggled to get out of the hideout. The second person was allegedly grabbed by one of the CIRA

“As the soldier turned producing her weapon, a second volunteer fired a shot in her direction. At this time three carloads of the Tactical Support Group (TSG) approached the area. The unit fired a shot in their direction and both sides slowly but carefully withdrew,” said the statement. “All volunteers returned safely to their own area.”

The terror group said Drumbeg was then swamped by security forces who searched gardens, fields and waste ground including sheds, bins and refuse sacks.

“For the following few days spotter planes and unmarked crown forces vehicles kept the whole of Craigavon and Lurgan under close surveillance.

“Presumably the reason no mention was made in the media of this engagement is because the British have continually maintained that there are no soldiers on the ground in the Occupied Six Counties,” said the statement.

“We take this opportunity to once again inform members of the British war machine that the CIRA are targeting them and will continue to target them as long as any part of Ireland is occupied by crown forces.”

The PSNI said, “Police are investigating an incident in Lurgan on Friday night, January 25, when it is believed a shot was fired at them. There were no injuries during the incident and police enquiries are continuing.”