Shower had to be quick

SOCCER players had to shower quickly after matches in Lurgan Park in 1967.

This was because of a shower shortage and a time limit.

Mr Ivan Marshall, secretary of Queen’s Park, said that on Saturday afternoon only one shower cubicle was in use at the swimming pool.

This meant that often 48 players - four teams - had to wash at this shower and this led to a long delay.

He said it was impossible to be out of the pavilion by 4.30 or 5 o’clock on some afternoons, especially if cup matches went into extra time.

Adding that two showers at the pool had been broken for eight or nine months Mr Marshall said he thought the pool attendants didn’t want the trouble of cleaning more than one shower after the players left.

Mr Fred Bunting, a member of the local Boys’ Club, summed up the feelings of his fellow players: “We think it is disgraceful that the council should expect us to be out of the pavilion by 4.45pm when there just aren’t adequate facilities for four teams.”