‘Sick’ graffiti mocks murdered constable

Graffiti on a bus shelter at Levin Road. INLM2611-161
Graffiti on a bus shelter at Levin Road. INLM2611-161
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“Crass and insensitive” graffiti mocking the murder of police constable Ronan Kerr has appeared in Lurgan Tarry.

The slogan, which reads “Ronan Kerr - we don’t care”, was spray painted onto a bus shelter on the Levin Road sometime over the weekend.

Politicians from both sides of the community have rounded on those responsible for the writing, with the local MP describing them as “sick-minded people”.

DUP MP David Simpson said: “This vile graffiti is the kind of grossly insulting evidence that shows that there are people who are motivated – not by love for country or out of political principle – but solely out of hatred for others.”

He continued: “This was a brave young Catholic man who had joined the police in order to serve the community.

“He was viciously and callously murdered because of that wish to serve others. The sick-minded people responsible for this only displayed their own utter bankruptcy.”

Sinn Fein councillor Johnny McGibbon called on them to “grow up”.

He added that Sinn Féin had contacted Craigavon Borough Council to have the offending slogan removed.

“The Council’s Community Safety Partnership has arranged for this offensive graffiti to be removed as a matter of urgency and we welcome their quick response on the issue,” he said.

“Those individuals who painted this slogan in a public place appear to be totally unaware of the true feelings of the local community.

“The vast majority of residents in north Lurgan are appalled by this mindless hooliganism which in no way reflects the views or the values of this community.”

SDLP MLA Dolores Kelly described the writing as “crass and insensitive”.

She said: “Unfortunately there is still a small minority in the community involved in this type of behaviour.

“Obviously I would condemn this outright and hope it is cleaned up as soon as possible.

“This is certainly not indicative of the wider community in north Lurgan.

“Indeed, there was a similar incident a number of months ago and people living in the area came out to remove the sinister graffiti.”

She added: “This scrawl is just crass and insensitive, and needs to be removed immediately.”

A spokesperson from Craigavon Borough Council has confirmed that the graffiti has since been painted over.