Sinn Fein lambast two unionist parties as money wasters

Gemma McKenna
Gemma McKenna
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Sinn Féin Council Group Leader in Craigavon Cllr Gemma McKenna has lambasted the DUP and UUP as ‘Money Wasters’.

These comments come after the decision to proceed with a DUP proposal to carry out an Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) on increasing the number of days for the flying of the Union Flag.

Cllr McKenna said,“It is simply ridiculous that unionist politicians would proceed to spend almost £10,000 on a proposal that wouldn’t even see any outcome until the New Year. It makes it all the more foolish considering Craigavon Council will end in March. £10,000 of ratepayers money for the sake of one month is not an acceptable spend of public money. It will be interesting to see the view of the Local Government Auditor on the issue.”

She continued, “Those who voted in favour of this proposal are wasting public money on a proposal that would be nul and void in March.”

Cllr McKenna concluded: “Creating issues around flags may be an electioneering tool for some unionist parties but it is also an obvious waste of public money.”