Sinn Fein meet PSNI to discuss tensions in north Lurgan

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A Sinn Fein delegation has met the PSNI to discuss tensions in north Lurgan

Sinn Fein MLA John O’Dowd and local councillor Keith Haughian have met senior PSNI officers to discuss community concerns about tensions in Kilwilke and North Lurgan after a number of violent assaults in the area last weekend.

Mr O ‘ Dowd said: “The purpose of today’s meeting was to outline to the PSNI the concerns of the local community about the rising tensions in the Kilwilke area following a number of violent assaults last weekend.

“These assaults have been followed up by threats against several people in the area adding to a deepening sense of unease among the community as they fear further attacks and violence.

“There is no excuse for the attacks or threats against anyone. Community concern and anger over the illicit drugs trade will not be resolved by beating young people. I would urge anyone with information about drug-dealing in the area to contact the police directly or through the crime stoppers confidential number 0800 555 111.

“I also made it clear to the police that when they receive information on drugs from the community, they have a duty to act on it. Many in the community are frustrated at the ability of known drug dealers to operate with impunity. Police working with the community can and must bring such activities to an end and we will continue to hold the police to account for protecting people from drug dealers.”

Cllr Haughian said: “We sought assurance from the police that adequate resources and measure were being taken to ensure public safety. Policing must be first and foremost about community protection. The actions over this last weekend of the few have left many people in the fearful. The people of Kilwilke and North Lurgan deserve better, they deserve to left in peace and to be protected by an accountable policing service.”