Six nights of worship in town crusade

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Bethany Free Presbyterian Church, Portadown, is holding a Gospel Crusade in the heart of the town next week.

The co-ministers of the church, Rev Darryl Abernethy and Dr Kenneth Elliott, are the evangelists. The services will be held in Portadown Town Hall and guest singers will be participating each night in the services.

The mission starts this Sunday night at 7pm and continues nightly at 8pm, concluding on Friday. It will run for six nights instead of the customary two or three weeks due to bookings in the Town Hall.

Bethany church, which came into being in 1967 following a Gospel mission by Dr Ian Paisley, had its constitution in the Town Hall in July of that year.

Prior to settling in its complex in the Gilford Road area in 1975, the congregation held its services in the Town Hall during two periods in the early and mid-1970s.