Sky is the limit for little Luke

Luke Jones, who celebrated his fourth birthday this year.
Luke Jones, who celebrated his fourth birthday this year.

Little Luke Jones was born fighting for survival - now, four years on, he is still defying the odds.

Since being born sixteen weeks prematurely in 2012, the Bleary boy has become something of a hero to his family, friends and community.

His twin brother, Tyler, tragically passed away aged just three days old, and Luke has been a source of strength and encouragement to his mum, Mandy, and older sisters ever since.

Luke was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the beginning of 2014 but, thanks to some groundbreaking new treatment, he is showing signs of incredible progress.

“We started Luke on ABR - Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation - two years ago,” explained Luke’s mum, Mandy Jones.

“When I first heard of ABR, I was the biggest sceptic. Now, Luke is nearly a year and a half into his treatment and he is so much stronger. Before, he couldn’t move - and now he’s able to do that.”

Luke’s ABR treatment takes place in Scotland, meaning that Mandy must make frequent trips there, along with her two daughters: 13 year old Sophie and 10 year old Amy.

“The girls come with me all the time - they love coming along to help out,” shared Mandy. “It’s a three year programme, and we have to go over three times a year for the sessions.”

Rather unconventionally, Luke’s treatment does not take place in a hospital or clinic - but in the Holiday Inn Express at Glasgow Airport!

“It’s done in the hotel,” said Mandy, “and the trainers come from all over the world. The staff have been wonderful in helping Luke. Without them giving me the tools, I wouldn’t have been able to work with Luke as well as I have.

“Within the first three or four months, Luke was getting stronger. I could see that his head control and hand control was getting better - just the little things at the start - but they were big things to me.”

With the treatment costing £6,000 a year, Mandy has spent the past few years fundraising to help Luke along, and she is extremely grateful to those who have helped out.

“We do lots of events - absolutely everything!” shared Mandy.

“We did a wee fun run in May - running 1.9 miles - which was exhausting, but very worth it!”

Luke also has a Just Giving page for those who want to help him keep growing from strength to strength with ABR treatment. Search ‘Luke’s Destination’ on to donate.