Smashed glass danger at local play park

Stephen Maxwell's pictures showing the broken glass at Lawerencetown play park
Stephen Maxwell's pictures showing the broken glass at Lawerencetown play park

Shards of broken glass that became mixed with bark chippings at a local park after vandals smashed bottles over slides ‘could cause serious injury to children’, parents have warned.

The incident at Laurencetown Play Park has sparked calls from concerned locals that the bark be replaced with a protective rubber surface, as the broken glass in the bark is almost impossible to see.

A rubber surface would make it easier to spot any dangers arising from glass pieces and also to clean it up, they said.

Responding, a council spokesperson said: “At present there are no plans to replace the bark with rubber but the council will continue to monitor the situation.”

Stephen Maxwell shared pictures of the play area on social media page, Banbridge Saints and Sinners, as he warned: “This bark now contains hidden dangers that could cause serious injury.

“It has glass in it, but to the eye you cannot see it. I will not be back until the bark is replaced.”

The concerned parent said the extent of the smashed glass was a lot worse than pictured as he had already cleared some of it away before taking the photos.

Anna Murphy said: “That is sad, as it’s a beautiful wee park and children love it. Would be better having the rubber.”

Louise Walker Trimble said: “The park was supposed to get the rubber on ground but apparently the council went with the bark as it was cheaper. I have already spoke to people about this but nothing has been done.”

Speaking about the park Annette Rogers said: “I thought it was meant to be locked at night.”

Condemning the actions of the vandals, Berni Mccrory said they are ruining the park for everyone else. Ruth Davidson McCrory said: “That’s absolutely disgusting! What selfish idiots would smash glass in a playground?”

The council spokesperson continued: “The issues of broken glass at Laurencetown Play Park has been reported to the council and is currently being removed.

“The play area is checked by council staff on a regular basis however we would ask if members of the public are aware of further instances of broken glass in the play area to contact the Technical Services department on telephone number 028 4066 0604.”