Solicitor says police approached man for no apparent reason

When he was stopped by police in Portadown a 23-year-old man became abusive to them and was arrested for disorderly behaviour.

Friday, 12th August 2016, 7:38 am

Daniel Dougan, Sleepy Valley, Richhill, was fined £175 for the offence last Friday at Craigavon Magistrates Court.

The court heard that on June 12 this year at 2.54am Dougan was stopped by police in West Street about an altercation at a takeaway.

The defendant told them to ‘f—k off’ and motioned with his hands.

He was warned about his behaviour and told to go home but continued to swear. There were members of the public present and he was arrested.

Mr Richard Monteith, representing the defendant, said there was no explanation why the police officer spoke to his client in the first place.

He added that Dougan was very, very drunk and if police had not approached him for no apparent reason it would not have brought out the animosity in him.