Solutions put forward to stop blight of littering in play park

Gates are due to be closed at night and an extra litter bin provided in order to solve the littering problem at Mourneview play area.

Councillor Carla Lockhart said: “Council is working on trying to get a handle on this. The plan is that the community group will be given keys and gates will be closed so teenagers can’t get in at night. We’re also trying to get an extra bin.

“Education is an important factor. Parents need to teach children to respect the area in which they live. It’s very disappointing to see it like this.”

A council spokesperson said: “We have an agreement with members of the Mourneview and Grey Estates Community Association that they will hold the keys to Mourneview play park so they can exercise some control over its opening and closing to ensure that the park is maintained as a community asset.

“Mourneview is one of the seven play parks in the borough that has recently benefited from Neighbourhood Renewal funding to upgrade the play areas. With the arrival of community planning we’re hoping that we can get such an arrangement with the other community groups.”