Speed limit for notorious accident blackspot

William Irwin MLA at one of the many incidents on the Ardress Rd near Portadown
William Irwin MLA at one of the many incidents on the Ardress Rd near Portadown

Roads leading to accident blackspot which has seen serious traffic incidents is to have speed limited to 40 miles per hour.

Welcoming the news, Newry and Armagh MLA William Irwin said the Ardress crossroads, near Portadown had been plagued with accidents over the years.

The DUP MLA said it is ‘a further step to attempt to improve safety at an accident black spot’.

Mr Irwin has pressed for additional safety measures on a number of occasions following accidents and extra signage and surfacing with additional traction for tyres has been installed at the location.

“However accidents involving cars failing to stop at the cross roads continue to occur.

Mr Irwin said; “I welcome the fact that further safety measures are being carried out at this location which will see a 40mph speed limit introduced in all four directions on the approach to the cross roads.”

He added, “There have been numerous very serious accidents at this location and the vast majority are due to drivers failing to recognise that it is a cross roads and they must stop at the junction instead of driving straight through and colliding with approaching vehicles.

“This has prompted me to continually lobby Transport NI for improvements and this work continues and I very much welcome the fact a speed limit of 40mph will be put in place at this point.”

He concluded, “This will further serve to highlight the fact it is a cross roads and also hopefully give motorists who may be unfamiliar with the route a full chance of stopping in good time.

“It is of course absolutely incumbent on all drivers to drive with due care and attention and be alert to traffic warning signs at all times.”

This particular stretch of road has been a hotspot for accidents.

One of the many recent incidents included a tractor and trailer which ended up in the field on its side after a collision. There have also been a number of deaths on the Ardress Rd.