Speeding concerns


THERE’S been a call for the 30mph limit to be extended further out the Clare Road in a bid to slow traffic down coming into Waringstown.

Where the 30mph limit currently starts is just after a bad bend on the approach to the village, with some drivers taken unawares by the limit.

It’s an issue which has already been raised with local police and they responded by setting up speed checks on the road.

Sandra Ledlie voiced the concerns of villagers: “It’s bad along the Clare Road, we need the speed limit extended a bit - especially with the cricket ground close by.

“It’s terribly dangerous, drivers can’t see the speed limit sign as they approach the village and they are coming in too quick. There’s also the Brethren Hall just past the bend.

“I would suggest the speed limit be extended, put it on a straight piece of road.”

She went on to point out with other roads closed the volume of traffic along the Clare Road had increased and so had the danger of an accident.

Her comments found ready support from Clare Road residents who also felt traffic speeds further out the road had to be addressed: “It’s a dangerous stretch of road with bends and hills along the way. There are quite a few houses along the side of the road and cars are coming along too fast.

“There have been several near misses with cars parked on the hills - not the best place I accept - but drivers should be slowing down going over hills.”

Another pointed out: “It might not be an issue of exceeding the speed limit but of driving too fast, you shouldn’t be going over a blind summit at 60 miles an hour.”

Upper Bann DUP MLA Stephen Moutray has called for motorists to slow down in and around Waringstown. Speaking after a number of complaints about traffic speeds in the village and along the Clare Road Mr Moutray said:

“I understand that the PSNI have been contacted by local residents concerned at the speed of traffic both through Waringstown village and along the Clare Road and I would call for people to slow down before there is an accident.

“Speed kills. On narrower twisting roads the reaction time to something happening in the road ahead is much reduced. I would appeal to people to slow down.”

Neighbourhood Policing officers for Waringstown are aware of concerns about speeding in the Clare Road area of the village. These concerns were raised at a recent Community Policing Liaison Committee meeting.

Officers have conducted a number of road safety operations in the village over the last number of weeks to detect and educate offenders.

Neighbourhood Inspector Ken Annet said: “The community made us aware of their concerns and we are taking steps to address this. Road safety is of the utmost importance particularly in areas where young children play.

“We will continue to tackle speeding in the village and I would appeal to all motorists to drive responsibly, be aware of speed limits in place in the village and adapt your driving accordingly. Anyone with concerns can contact us in Lurgan on 0845 600 8000.”

Are you concerned about speeding in you area? Text the ‘MAIL’ on 84555. Start you message LMCOMMENT leave a space and then what you want to say. Texts cost 25p plus standard network rate.