Spotted using a mobile on motorway

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While driving on the motorway a 46-year-old man was seen talking into his mobile phone, Craigavon Magistrates Court heard last Wednesday.

Jon Belshaw, Old Kilmore Road, Lurgan, was fined £300 for using a hand held phone while driving on November 24, 2017. He was also fined £75 and given three points for not wearing his seat belt and fined £75 for not having a licence.

The court heard a police mobile patrol on the M1 noticed the driver of a Ford Transit was not wearing a seat belt.

He was also talking into a phone held in his left hand to his left ear and when he noticed the police he took the phone away.

Belshaw did not have a licence. He had previously been disqualified for three months and had not applied for a new licence.

Mr Joe McDonald, defending, explained that Belshaw had just filled up with petrol and jumped in the van, forgetting to put on his seat belt. A call came through about another job and he used his mobile.

Mr McDonald added the defendant thought his licence would be sent back to him and he should have re-applied for it.