St Paul’s congratulated on McDevitt Cup win

SINN Fein have praised St Paul’s Junior High School on winning the McDevitt Cup.

Councillor Liam Mackle said that although there was a 12-year gap since they last held the cup this was in fact the third time that the school had taken this prestigious trophy.

Councillor Mackle said: “Well done St Paul’s. It is fitting that in this your Jubilee Year you should have bridged a 12-year gap to lift your third Ulster Bank Schools McDevitt Cup.

“This was a magnificent achievement and even though they had to fight all the way, despite getting off to a good start in Brewster Park, the team deserved their victory over the gallant Abbey Vocational School side from Donegal.”

The councillor also praised the commitment of the school and in particular the coaching staff to the promotion of Gaelic sport.

He said: “Without the commitment of the staff of St Paul’s and the dedication of the coaching team, the natural ability of this group of players would not have flourished, and this victory wouldn’t have been achieved and the McDevitt cup wouldn’t be back in Lurgan. The teaching staff at St Paul’s, the coaching team and most of all the players deserves the congratulations of the whole community.”