Stage Aid performance for church restoration projects

GILFORD-based society Stage Aid is supporting the restoration of two churches in Lurgan.

Stage Aid, which has raised over £50,000 for third world charities, is staging the performance of their award-winning play, ‘Love Knows No Right-a-Way’ in support of restoration projects at St Peter’s and Shankill Parish Church.

The play, written and directed by Armand Gaillard, will be performed in Lurgan Town Hall on Friday, October 5.

‘Love Knows No Right-a-Way’ is set in the late 1990s in a small village in Northern Ireland. Two families of different religious traditions and cultures attempt to resolve their differences when they disagree as to who has the right to walk along a certain pathway which has traditionally been accessible to all of the public.

The younger generation, who prove to be less staunch in their ways, attempt to persuade their parents to try to live in harmony.

Throughout the ill-will that ensues, love flourishes between these two young people regardless of cultural differences and they find it hard to understand why adults cannot behave in an adult-fashion.

It is only when old friends recognise each other and remember the respect and love that they once had for each other, that they realise their behaviour is socially unacceptable and subsequently they make amends to live in peace and respect of each other.