Stole alcohol, pizza and bottle of Buckfast


On his way to his shop after the alarm had sounded the owner saw a young man who told him ‘it wasn’t me who broke into the shop’.

The man detained the teenager and it transpired not only had he had broken into the shop but CCTV showed he also carried out two shoplifting offences at the same premises.

Kalvin Cull (18), Iveagh Crescent, Rathfriland, admitted entering as a trespasser the Milestone shop, Newry Street, Rathfriland, on September 5 this year and stealing tobacco products.

He also admitted criminal damage to the shop window.

As well Cull pleaded guilty to stealing alcohol and pizza and a bottle of Buckfast and other drink on September 4.

For each offence he was sentenced to four months in custody, suspended for two years. He was also ordered to pay £100 for the damage caused to the window.

The court heard that on September 5 in the early hours of the morning the shop owner was responding to an alarm in his premises when he saw the defendant in Newry Street.

Cull said: “It wasn’t me who broke into the shop.”

The owner detained the defendant until police arrived. Tobacco valued at £135 had been stolen. It was however fit for re-sale.

Cull was then seen on CCTV stealing alcohol and a pizza and returning half an hour later to take Buckfast and other items.

A barrister representing the defendant said that when he was aged 16 there had been a family breakdown and he had been under the umbrage of social services.

He explained he had ended up in Rathfriland and was now absent from drink and was looking at the Housing Executive to try and sort out accommodation.

The lawyer explained that Cull had been threatened by someone who doesn’t want him to live where he is because this person believes his client had given evidence against him which he had not.

A personal advisor to the defendant, who works with social services, said that he would notify the court when an address was sorted out for Cull.

District Judge Liam McNally said these were serious charges and he needed an address because of the compensation which he gave the defendant ten weeks to pay.