Strike a fair rate, council is urged

CRAIGAVON Council must ensure it strikes the best possible rate next month, Sinn Fein’s Johnny McGibbon has said.

Cllr McGibbon pointed out that decisions taken at this month’s council meetings will decide both the level of service provided to the people of the Borough and the rate levied to pay for that service.

“The rate will be struck in February and this month’s council meetings provide us with the opportunity to ensure that the best possible rate is struck and that all the citizens of Craigavon receive value for their money,” he said.

“This is an opportunity that we must not squander, and Sinn Féin has constantly argued that we must not alone save wisely, we must also spend wisely.

“The essential services provided by Council have to be protected and improved and we must invest in adequate staffing if we are to avoid unnecessary and extremely costly spend on consultants and other outside companies.”

He continued: “We are continuing to face hard economic times, and the citizens of Craigavon are feeling it in their pockets, in their homes and in their lives.

“Their elected representatives have a duty to deliver the fairest possible rate while protecting the essential services that Council deliver.

“Much agreement has been found across the political spectrum as we have worked together to plot the best possible way for council to move forward.

“It is now crunch-time for setting the rates, and this joined up thinking of Council must continue, if we are to keep our rates at a fair level for our citizens.”