Success of pupils is evidence of the success for Dickson Plan - principal

Lurgan College principal, Mr Trevor Robinson pictured with the top achievers at 'A' level following the release of the results last week. INLM34-211.
Lurgan College principal, Mr Trevor Robinson pictured with the top achievers at 'A' level following the release of the results last week. INLM34-211.

Mr Trevor Robinson, Headmaster of Lurgan College, was absolutely delighted with the remarkable 2018 A Level results which, once again, included some of the very best collective and individual performances by College pupils in the school’s long and illustrious 145-year history.

“These fantastic results are surely, once again, clear evidence of the success of our cherished Dickson Plan which, for the past fifty years, has fostered within the young people of this area the necessary skills and attributes to facilitate their reaching their true potential intellectually, socially, morally and spiritually.

“The Year 14 class of 2018 have done themselves, their families, their school and their community proud. It is pleasing to note that grades A*, A and B accounted for around two thirds of the total grades achieved.

“The 86.1% of A*-C grades is well in excess of the NI Grammar School average.

“While all of these welcome statistics are, of course, most uplifting for us as a school, the most gratifying aspect for us all at the College is that the vast majority of our Y14 pupils are now preparing to head off and take their well-earned places in their chosen universities. These special young people, who are a credit to their families, their school and their community, deserve great praise for carrying on Lurgan College’s fine tradition of pursuing and securing outstanding academic excellence.”

Former Waringstown PS pupil, Josh Millar, achieved an outstanding four straight A grades (two of them starred) in his A Levels.

A total of 12 pupils recorded at least three straight grade As in their subjects and a further 13 pupils obtained at least two grade As.

The students with three straight grade As were Lydia Combe (King’s Park PS), Hannah Corr (Waringstown PS), Mark Hutchinson (Waringstown PS), Brianna Ki (Waringstown PS), James McAlister (Waringstown PS), Benjamin McClenahan, Amber McCullough (Poyntzpass PS), Katie McCullough (King’s Park PS), Megan McKeown (King’s Park PS), Matthew Russell (Bleary PS) and Ben Thompson (Carrick PS).

The students achieving at least two grade As were Josiah Burgess (Waringstown PS), Rebecca Burke (Derryhale PS), Rory Burns (Waringstown PS), Adam Crawford (King’s Park PS), Anna Davis (King’s Park PS), Chloe Hull (Moira PS), Hannah Johns (Waringstown PS), Philip Logan (Ballinderry PS), Charlotte Lyons (Waringstown PS), Jay Martin (Waringstown PS), Victoria Nunn (Waringstown PS), Sarah Spence (Waringstown PS) and Rebecca Wilkinson (King’s Park PS).

Mr Robinson added: “As headmaster of Lurgan College, I am, of course, extremely proud of what all our pupils have achieved in their A Level examinations. Lurgan College continues to pay tribute to the wonderful work done by the pupils’ Primary Schools during the early part of their educational journey and we also acknowledge the professionalism of the dedicated teaching staff of Lurgan Junior High School, in particular, who expertly honed the pupils’ academic, social and moral skills in Years 8-10.

“I also highlight the pivotal role played by our own teaching staff who continually display the highest levels of dedication and commitment, facilitating for our pupils the very best educational experience. I also express my deep appreciation of the huge contribution made by our pupils’ very supportive and, at times, longsuffering parents who continue to work in close liaison with the school in order to ensure such superb examination success on the part of their sons and daughters.

“We pray God’s blessing on our departing Y14 pupils as they move on to the next stage of their educational adventure and we will follow their careers with interest, looking forward to see many of them taking their places as leaders in our society in the future.”