Sunnyside are formed

THE Sunnyside football club was going strong early in 1967 after forming just before Christmas.

They had won every match since their formation.

“I have never seen such an enthusiastic bunch of lads,” said manager Dick Craig who played centre half for the original Sunnyside Boys Club in 1936 when their home ground was Woodville Park.

So he had a special interest in the team’s comeback and was an obvious choice for manager.

Dick used to watch a crowd of young lads playing football in Lord Lurgan Memorial Park and asked them why they did not start a team.

They decided to call a meeting, with the help of Jackie Denver and Ambrose Wilson, at the Victoria Cricket Club pavilion.

The first night about 12 turned up but the next night there were 19.

The original Sunnyside team boasted quite a lot of talent.

Jackie Denver went on to play for Belfast Celtic and Glenavon.

Ambrose Wilson left to play for a Welsh club.

Billy Dickson went on to play for Chelsea, Arsenal and Ireland.

The new club elected officials and they were as follows:

President, Edward Berwick; chairman, Samuel Boyd; vice-chairman, Edmond Hollywood; secretary, Dick Craig; treasurer, Jack Craig.

Committee - Jackie Denver, Ambrose Wilson, Alan Burrell, Roy Marshall, Joe Leathem, William Warren.