Support available for those concerned about suicide

THE Public Initiative for the Prevention of Suicide and Self Harm (PIPS) was formed in 2007.

The aim of PIPS is to create awareness of suicide and self harm, to support those bereaved from suicide and improve mental health and wellbeing in our community.

Their services include, training and presentations, counselling services, alternative therapies and a signposting helpline which is available 9am to 9pm, seven days a week.

Warning signs to look out for:

Feelings of failure

Loss of self esteem

Isolation and hopelessness

A sense of uselessness

Taking less care of themselves

Suddenly taking out a will or life insurance

Talking about suicide. It is a myth that people who talk about suicide don’t go through with it.

Marked change in behaviour. Someone may appear calm for the first time or more usually may be withdrawn and have difficulty communicating.

If you are concerned about someone or feel at risk yourself please contact PIPS on 028 3831 0151 or Lifeline 0808 808 8000