Support group set up

IN light of the tragic death of 14-year-old Daniel Lennon, a support group has been set up by local parents.

Sandra Berben is one of the parents behind the group which will meet this Monday at 7pm.

She explained: “Many parents have expressed their own concerns and worries about how our children are coping with the loss of a friend at such a young age.

“We as parents can help them through this terrible time.”

The Parents Support Group will meet at Links in Castle Lane on Monday (July 2) from 7pm to 8pm.

Sandra said: “The meeting will be a chance for parents to talk about how we can help to move forward from this tragedy and try to put some ideas into action to try to prevent this happening again.”

For more information call Sandra on 0771 603 4465 or email

Alternatively, call Samantha on 0793 588 1578 or Nuala on 0754 220 7613.