Take Option A off the table says Moutray

DUP MLA Stephen Moutray has called on the SELB’s new interim Chief Executive Gavin Boyd to ‘take Option A off the table’.

Speaking following the meeting at SELB HQ Ald Stephen Moutray MLA said: “We had a very open and frank meeting with Mr Gavin Boyd and Board Chairperson Mr Plunkett Campbell and we left them in no doubt that we were unequivocal in our objection to Option A and the fact that Option A must come of the table before any other options or solutions are discussed.”

“The DUP recognised at the commencement of this process that Option A would see the closure of our Colleges, and the building of a comprehensive one-size-fits all school in both towns to replace our much loved autonomous, free standing Grammar Schools and Senior High School. This is undoubtedly ripping the very heart out of our educational system that is unique to Craigavon and Tandragee and is one that has worked and indeed has provided an excellent educational experience for thousands of pupils over its 40 year history and has yielded higher than average results for both academic and vocational children and young people.”

“Mr Gavin Boyd is young in the role within the SELB but he has vast experience within the realms of education and therefore we took the opportunity to highlight to him the depth of feeling there is on this matter and the fact that if there is any move from within the SELB to dismantle a system that is known and loved by the community that he will along with his Board officers be held accountable and will have the people to answer too.”

“Our message remains unchanged that Option A must go.”