Tea dance set for Brownlow House

Brownlow house tea dance.
Brownlow house tea dance.

The ballroom in Brownlow House will be open on Monday, March 30, for what hoped to be the inaugural Tea Dance hosted by Lurgan Ladies Young at Heart.

The Castle Tea Dance aims to bring people from all sides of the community together to enjoy the benefits of a slow foxtrot or even a fast jive.

Dance keeps our brain and body active, it improves posture and balance, reduces stress levels and even improves self esteem.

The dance on March 30 runs from 2pm to 4pm and its free of charge.

So what can you expect... They will start with a 45 minute dance class hosted by Jeremy Johnston followed by afternoon tea and time for a chat.

The rest of the afternoon will be free for you to dance away.

If this dance proves to be a success it is hoped that it may become a regular event in Brownlow House and the ballroom will once again echo with the sound of music and laughter as it did in bygone years.

The event has been made possible by funding awarded by Craigavon Borough Council Celebratory Fund and with the generosity of Brownlow House.

Everyone is invited to come along and enjoy what should be a fantastic event.