Teen targets Sloan Street vehicles in ‘vandalism spree’

AN elderly woman has described her terror as a teenager allegedly went on the rampage kicking and damaging cars in Sloan Street.

Five vehicles were damaged and two police officers injured during the midnight vandalism spree on Sunday night.

“He scared the life out of me. It was really frightening, especially for an old age pensioner to be laying in her bed and being subjected to that,” said the woman, who didn’t want to be identified.

“He started shouting. You could hear him up the street. He ran down Ann Street and just put his foot into a jeep and damaged it,” she said.

The woman’s daughter and carer said he was outside her door and put his foot into their wing mirror, mangling it from its socket. “He just kicked and kicked. It was terrible,” said her mum.

“There’s people in there dying (pointing to Lurgan Hospital) and people sitting up with them and all that eejit can do is damage things. There’s hardly a weekend goes by without trouble. I’m just living on my nerves.”

Dozens were awakened by the incident and police said they have arrested a 16-year-old male. Wing mirrors were broken and there were scrapes and dents to bodywork, according to the PSNI.

A spokesperson revealed the man had made off on foot. “Police gave chase and the male was apprehended and arrested on suspicion of criminal damage, assault on police and resisting police,” the spokesperson said.

Sergeant Black, Craigavon Response, said: “We were able to arrest this male because of prompt reporting from the community and we would encourage the public to continue reporting suspicious activity.”